Friday, October 11, 2013

Small Fish, Big Waters

It's Fall!  My favorite time of the year!  When the leaves are changing from their dull silent lives, to vibrant crunching soarers of the wind.  What also comes with Fall is a new term; a college term.  I'm taking the first steps of obtaining the title of, "Small Fish" in the vast waters of community college.  Being homeschooled since second grade, it's quite a drastic transformation.  It's been a long time since I've been in the class room environment, so I'm becoming quiet anxious and nervous about being the "new girl".  The light at the end of the tunnel though, is that at my orientation meeting, those soon to be students are new too!  

So! With all this being said, when I was crossing campus the other day (from the parking lot to the main building), I was intrigued by all the styles I saw in both genders!  I'm not one to conform to the likes and dislikes of others, but I found myself itching to make my first impression on campus shocking.  So, I booked a back-to-school shopping trip with my best friend, and went on to begin creating a list of staple clothing (an idea suggested by Joanna-- THANKS JO!).  My list ended up looking like this:

You're probably thinking, "Wow that's a huge list, that's gonna cost a fortune!" Not the way Jo and I shop. We're bargain hunters, we can't afford to be anything else!  Hitting Goodwills and thrift shops are the best way to find what you need at great prices.  The mall *shutter* is a last resort.  I'll post as I find these things and where I found them, prices also. C:
Now I'm gonna go jump in some leaves.

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